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Professional Breeders of
Bernese Mountain Dogs

Smith Farms & Kennels is owned and operated by Shannon Smith, and Tatum Smith, who are dedicated to becoming one of the best breeders in the country.

SFKennels is situated on many acres, just outside of Millersburg Ohio. The property contains a few thousand square feet training and care facility, dedicated just to the dogs! Having this facility allows us to enrich the puppies in a stimulating environment, and also get them acclimated to many different surfaces. In Addition, we also have a number of outdoor areas, including open fields, mowed lawns, fenced runs, an on-site lake, many mowed trails, and of course the creeks! All of this helps us get your puppy acclimated to what it may experience once with you!

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My Name is Tatum, and I wanted to take a moment to write about why I love what I do. Growing up we always had large breed dogs, but never a Berner. From the time I was born to age 8 or 10 we had a Chocolate Lab, who was just about as good of a dog as you could get, his temperament was like no other. When he passed, I think my parents were about done with having a dog, at the time I had a little sister, Noelle, who was 6 years younger than myself, and looking back we probably didn’t need another dog to add a responsibility…. But, guess what, we got one.

We named her Sandy, and she was a Yellow Lab, she again could have been that once in a lifetime dog. Once she passed, I was told we were done with dogs, at the time I was okay with it, until a good family friend rescued a Male Berner, I saw this dog weekly, and made sure my schedule was always free at that time of the week to ensure I got to see Truman, it was then that I decided I needed a Berner of my own. So I set out on the search, and of course had it set in my head that I would get a female, and believe it or not, it seemed impossible to find a Bernese with the markings I was looking for, or just a female Bernese with papers in general. Not to mention I was turned away by many respectable breeders, just because of where we are geographically (Millersburg, Ohio). So I did my research and figured out what blood lines I wanted to get my hands on from Europe, and that's just what I did. Over time I was able to acquire more, but it is indeed a project. I learned a couple things along the way, 1: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and I never quite understood that growing up, but it all makes sense now.

You aren’t able to get perfect breeding stock overnight, but with time, and careful judgement, you’ll achieve just that. But, aside from everything I’ve learned along the way, I learned that Bernese are hands down the best breed out there.

Always feel free to give me a call, text, or email, and I would be happy to discuss my program, ideas, and of course always open to input!